For Adi Vaknin, the Founder of Lev Jewelers, Technology Preserves Tradition.

Technology has left its mark on virtually every industry, making operations faster, more precise, and efficient. Yet, the value of traditions passed down through generations cannot be understated. A successful business recognizes this, but a truly exceptional business will masterfully balance technology and tradition to create something extraordinary.

Adi Vaknin, the owner of Lev Jewelers, exemplifies this approach with her high-end jewelry and watch retail store. Rooted in family traditions and inspired by the fashion and style of Miami, Adi harnesses contemporary trends and technology to craft unique pieces that pay homage to the vibrant city and to her family, who introduced her to the industry.

“The inspiration came from the unity that working with my family fostered. I learned about business sense, different design approaches, and the process of creating a piece of jewelry from scratch,” Adi shares. She incorporates these lessons into her daily business operations while carving out her own unique identity.

“The intersection of relationships, technology, and tradition plays a crucial role in our business. Every client becomes a part of our family, a tradition that has been in place since the inception of our business. Nowadays, social media makes it easier for us to maintain these relationships and celebrate each other’s milestones,” she says. This commitment to a positive customer experience is something Adi holds in high regard.

While Adi emphasizes the value of personal connections influenced by family ties and company values, she also integrates technology into her work. “We sell our products online, utilizing e-commerce and social media marketing. We use a CAD machine to create virtual models for products before casting them into wax and then gold. We also start with regular sketches when working with other companies and create CAD models to give customers a visual representation of what their product would look like before production,” she explains.

Adi tailors her services to each client’s style and budget. “I consider a client’s style, the way they dress, and their outlook on life. Some prefer minimal jewelry regardless of their budget, while others love the glitz and glam but have a tighter budget. I look at what jewelry they already have and work to complement their style,” she shares. These efforts underline Adi’s dedication to bringing her clients’ visions to life and ensuring they are delighted from within.

Looking ahead, Adi aims to expand her services and reach. “My goals for the future include opening another store and increasing our online presence so that our jewelry is more accessible. This means designing pieces for people outside South Florida through FaceTime or video calls. My team and I will continue to provide the same level of attention to all our clients, whether they are local or remote,” she states. By broadening her reach, Adi hopes to welcome more clients into the Lev Jewelers family and showcase the transformative power of the perfect piece of jewelry.

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