5 Crucial Lessons I Discovered While Opening A Restaurant

Starting a restaurant business can be an exciting journey. When I decided to open a small restaurant called teztadka, serving North Indian cuisine in Bangalore, it was a dream come true. I didn’t have a business plan at first, but my enthusiasm attracted ten potential investors via a Facebook post.

This venture taught me some valuable startup lessons:

Take the plunge: Overthinking can hinder progress. We went from idea to opening our first restaurant in just two months. Perfection isn’t necessary; you’ll learn along the way.

Roll up your sleeves: Opening a restaurant is hard work, but it doesn’t stop after the doors open. Be prepared for long hours and be ready to get involved in all aspects of your business.

Stick to your guns: There will be moments when you doubt your decision. But trust yourself and stay committed. Entrepreneurship is worth it.

Take time off: We made the mistake of not taking breaks in the early months. Burnout was inevitable, so we adjusted our schedule and made self-care a priority.

You can’t please everyone: Understanding this is essential, especially in the food industry. People have diverse tastes, and it’s impossible to customize every dish. Maintain your unique flavor and brand identity, and listen to customer feedback wisely.

Starting a business, like running a restaurant, is a roller coaster. Are you ready for your entrepreneurial journey?

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