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Young tech-savvy professionals have discovered a profitable avenue in mobile app flipping. This involves purchasing mobile apps’ source code, rebranding them with new graphics, incorporating advertising, and then reselling them for a profit. The app development industry has seen a growing market for flipping software, with developers capitalizing on the opportunity.

For instance, Alan Trippe, a software developer, has earned significant income through app flipping, making $3,650 within 24 hours. The process involves licensing the source code of a popular app or its clone, collaborating with designers to revamp its appearance, and reconfiguring advertising and in-app features. These modified apps are then relaunched in app stores, where eager buyers are waiting.

According to reports, flipped apps can generate around $1,000 in revenue beyond the initial $500 investment in the source code. While this may not be substantial for large app studios, it provides a convenient source of income for individual developers.

In essence, app flippers are a new breed of tech entrepreneurs employing a strategy reminiscent of flipping houses. Developers tweak apps to enhance their value, and others seek professional assistance for app design alterations. This process is akin to renovating a house for investment purposes, where the right adjustments can elevate its selling price, ultimately benefiting potential buyers.

The mobile app market continues to expand rapidly, with the apps business generating $12 billion in revenue in 2012. With a total of 46 billion app downloads that year, there is considerable growth potential for entrepreneurs. Apps are becoming integral to daily life, replacing traditional methods of organization, offering innovative meal ideas, and modernizing entertainment. This robust market demonstrates the broad spectrum of opportunities in the mobile app industry.

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