Irina Meyer, The Founder of Sils Capital, Invests in Women-Led Startups

Irina Meyer, a highly accomplished Russian entrepreneur and a dedicated venture capitalist boasting over 14 years of experience, stands as the driving force behind a global early-stage venture fund that places a strong focus on innovative startups operating in the realms of financial technologies, social media applications, and the computer game industry.

In her capacity as the founder and managing partner of Sils Capital, a venture fund with an international footprint that directs investments towards early-stage companies, Irina serves as a director, advisor, and investor in the fund’s portfolio companies.

Sils Capital, a passion project dear to Meyer’s heart, is fully dedicated to impact investing, a strategic approach to investment that seeks to generate positive, measurable social and environmental outcomes alongside financial returns. Furthermore, a noteworthy 35% of the fund’s focus is channeled into the life sciences and medical device ventures. Distinctively, the fund has committed to allocating a minimum of 50% of its annual investments in women-led enterprises, a commendable initiative aimed at fostering women’s participation in the business landscape.

Prior to establishing Sils Capital, Irina Meyer contributed her expertise to technology companies in California. Her dynamic team comprises individuals with backgrounds in software, engineering, and media, exemplified through their experiences with various startups and leadership roles in enterprise companies. Her core strengths lie in the realm of nurturing novel concepts in digital media and interactive entertainment.

Through Sils Capital, Irina invests capital in innovative ventures based in the United States, Israel, China, and Switzerland, with a clear mission of connecting their products and services with global communities. The outcomes have proven to be highly promising. As the head of the firm, Irina dedicates herself tirelessly to serving as an advisor, mentor, and board member, offering invaluable support to entrepreneurs seeking business growth and access to the critical capital required for expansion.

Sils Capital, an exclusive investor in pioneering technologies, boasts a robust portfolio encompassing companies like Arovia, Volan Technology, and several other successful ventures. In her role as an impact investor, Irina comprehends the pivotal role a leader plays in developing teams within high-performance organizations and the significance of long-term strategic human development. “I ensure that my efforts contribute to something meaningful. I do not expend my energy on endeavors devoid of significance or those yielding short-term pragmatic effects. My aim is to foster a better social environment and promote creativity for the betterment of all individuals,” states Meyer.

However, Irina is more than just an investor and entrepreneur. She is a philanthropist with a steadfast focus on values, with a particular emphasis on advancing women’s empowerment. As a conscientious investor, she strives to make informed, compassionate, and empathetic choices while supporting the careers of women engineers within a Russian-speaking women’s group. Her ongoing commitment to their personal and professional development has led to increased engagement, facilitated meaningful dialogue, and instigated behavioral changes that have enhanced the overall experience. Irina’s decisive, passionate, and fearless leadership leaves an indelible impact on the companies and communities she actively contributes to.

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