Shirley Wantland Wants to Reduce Stigma Around Mental Illness

Life is a journey filled with its share of highs and lows, unexpected twists, and challenging turns. Some days are undeniably tougher than others, especially for those grappling with specific mental health issues. Consequently, the prospect of seeking professional mental help can appear daunting amidst life’s complex puzzles, making the path to recovery and healing seem like an arduous climb. Moreover, the persistent stigma associated with mental health issues can cast a long and imposing shadow, compounding the difficulties for individuals who are also wrestling with feelings of embarrassment, shame, or judgment.

Shirley Wantland, Co-founder and Principal of Recovery Consultants, firmly believes that this unnecessary stigma and stereotyping can serve as obstacles to the healing process. Her mission is to create a welcoming and judgment-free space for individuals contending with mental health challenges and addiction. She seeks to reassure people that there is no shame in seeking professional help.

Recovery Consultants is a pioneering practice that reimagines the concept of recovery with its innovative and non-conventional approach. According to Wantland, there is no universal “right way,” and a single, standardized model doesn’t cater to the diverse needs and requirements of every individual. Her organization offers comprehensive recovery services to those navigating the complex terrain of substance misuse and cognitive and behavioral health challenges, extending support to both individuals and their families.

Shirley’s personal journey, growing up as a Vietnamese immigrant in an American neighborhood, instilled in her the resilience to embrace her uniqueness, rather than being daunted by it. She turned her differences into sources of strength and inspiration, learning to extend compassion and empathy toward herself. Today, her mission is to inspire and motivate others to do the same.

Shirley fully comprehends the difficulty of reaching out for help when battling issues such as substance abuse and mental illness. “The fear of judgment, shame, and stigma often looms large,” she acknowledges. “However, in this very moment, it is vital to extend kindness to ourselves.”

Recognizing that mental health holds as much significance as physical well-being, Shirley emphasizes that shame only acts as a roadblock on the path to recovery. Through proper self-care, therapy, and rehabilitation, individuals can embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery, breathing new life and purpose into their existence. For Shirley, the healing and therapeutic process revolves around rekindling one’s sense of self, with the aid of personal strengths and even weaknesses, ultimately evolving into the person they are meant to be.

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