DIY ‘1776 Faux Farmhouse’ Creator Nicole Francis Shares Her Story Behind The Brand

The surge in popularity of DIY projects at home is being driven by creative individuals who possess a deep understanding of the world of home improvement. They offer a candid look into the DIY process, impart cost-effective home enhancement tips, and showcase striking transformations from “before” to “after.” Influencers like Nicole Francis, for instance, allow their viewers to witness the less glamorous and often challenging journey toward project completion.

The domain of DIY is currently thriving and has a promising future. As a result, we are witnessing a surge in the number of content creators and social media influencers specializing in this field. Nicole Francis, an emerging star in the realm of home DIY, firmly believes in the concept that your home is what you make of it. Along with her husband, Michael Francis, this mompreneur is on a mission to empower homeowners to undertake one DIY project at a time, gradually transforming their spaces from generic to bespoke.

The Genesis of a DIY Content Creation Enterprise

In January 2020, Nicole Francis transformed her passion for DIY into a full-fledged business, known as “1776 Faux Farmhouse.” This content platform offers a captivating window into Nicole and Michael’s creative journey as they renovate and personalize their standard builder-grade home. With their combined efforts, they achieved a remarkable metamorphosis, turning an ordinary builder-grade house into a bespoke rustic farmhouse with a touch of modern style.

Commencing a business and building a brand is no small feat, and sustaining it can be even more challenging. At the outset, neither Nicole nor Michael possessed significant DIY skills, with Michael being entirely inexperienced in home improvement projects. Nevertheless, Nicole was confident that, with a few trials, the right tools, patience, and self-belief, they could independently construct their dream home. Their shared dedication and ambition culminated in the birth of “1776 Faux Farmhouse.” The name of the brand draws inspiration from their home’s initial street number, 1776, and their desire to infuse farmhouse-inspired living into their space, even though it technically isn’t a farmhouse – hence the term “faux.”

Since the brand’s inception in 2020, Nicole’s presence on social media has experienced consistent growth. By the fall of 2022, “1776 Faux Farmhouse” had amassed 100,000 Instagram followers, and today, the count stands at an impressive 167,000. Additionally, her TikTok audience includes 145,000 avid home DIY enthusiasts. Nicole expresses her delight in this growth and holds immense gratitude for her social media community, where she can share her life, family, and home with like-minded individuals.

Akin to many content creators who have transitioned into business owners, Nicole and Michael are dedicated to enhancing the profitability of their brand. The “1776 Faux Farmhouse” blog serves as a marketing channel, complementing their growth strategies just as social media, direct mail, email marketing, and other avenues do. Their consistent creation of valuable content tailored to their target audience has swiftly established their presence in the home DIY industry.

Furthermore, the couple is continuously exploring ways to augment their revenue streams. In addition to their primary income source through collaborations and brand advertising, Nicole is committed to implementing proven growth strategies. She states, “Many content creators we speak with in our field typically generate 50-70% of their revenue from these partnerships, with the remaining portion stemming from affiliate sales and their own products. We anticipate further growth in this area through more substantial DIY projects and an expanding audience.”

The Future of “1776 Faux Farmhouse”

Nicole’s plans for the future are rooted in her passion for sharing her love for DIY projects and home improvement. She intends to continue her journey of enhancing her home while assisting others in transforming their living spaces. This proficient DIY enthusiast also harbors aspirations of designing a home for the Utah Valley Parades of Homes, a dream she hopes to realize one day.

Formerly an elementary school educator, Nicole has incorporated an online learning component into the “1776 Faux Farmhouse” brand. This takes the form of courses designed to help fellow content creators expand their brand and social media presence using analytics.

The growth of “1776 Faux Farmhouse” exemplifies the scalability of niche content creation by passionate craftsmen and creators. Undoubtedly, the growth of this industry shows no signs of slowing down, and Nicole and Michael are firmly establishing themselves in this space, one DIY project at a time.

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