How This 19-Year-Old Became A Proficient Author

My name is Ali Scarlett, and I firmly believe in the power of information.

I hold a profound conviction that sharing knowledge can empower others to reach their full potential. As someone who has been a lifelong student of personal and professional development, I am committed to shortening the learning curve for others by imparting the wisdom I have gathered over the years.

As I contemplated my career path, I always harbored the ambition to become an entrepreneur. However, I grappled with the uncertainty of how I would propel my business forward. The pivotal moment came when I ventured into the realm of becoming a bestselling author.

Publishing a book bestowed upon me the mantle of an expert in my field. It transformed me from someone who had to seek out customers into someone whom customers sought. This shift gave me a competitive edge, as my authority surpassed that of my competitors. Today, I am eager to share with you the precise steps I took to achieve this transformative outcome, so you can experience similar life-altering results in your own journey, both in life and business.

Start with ‘Why’

Initiate your journey by discovering your ‘why.’ People may develop an interest in what you do based on their own desires, but they will part with their hard-earned money for your product or service only if they truly understand the ‘why’ behind your actions. Why are you compelled to write a book? The success of your business hinges on your ability to provide value to the marketplace. Hence, you must find a compelling way to persuade the marketplace to exchange their money for the value you bring to the table. One effective method is to communicate your ‘why.’

Share with your audience why you are writing the book, why they should continue reading, and why you embarked on your entrepreneurial journey. Just as I shared my ‘why’ with you at the beginning of this article, I made certain to incorporate my ‘why’ into the introduction of my book. You can place your ‘why’ on your website’s homepage, where it can also serve as a powerful brand-building tool. If your business operates from a single landing page that functions as a sales page, you can include an “About Me” section where you convey your ‘why’ right at the outset, bolstering your copywriting’s persuasive impact.

Become an Expert

Becoming an expert is a journey comprising three crucial steps:

Select an industry, niche, or skill you are passionate about.

Dive into intensive study of the leading experts in that domain.

Share your acquired knowledge with the world through various mediums like podcasts, blogs, videos, and books.

Mere possession of knowledge is insufficient to earn the title of an expert. You are deemed an expert not just for what you know, but for your willingness to share that knowledge with the world. In essence, if you have comprehensive knowledge on a subject but keep it to yourself, asserting your expertise will ring hollow, and you will be perceived as a “self-proclaimed expert.” This perception stems from the absence of evidence that you are indeed well-versed in your field since you never actively disseminate your knowledge.

Therefore, the more you share your knowledge, the more you solidify your standing as an expert in the eyes of others. This substantiates that you genuinely possess the knowledge you profess to have. Your knowledge, delivered in the form of podcast interviews, blog posts, or books, is a valuable commodity that you offer to the marketplace. It underscores your authority, prompting prospective clients to approach you before considering any alternatives. If you run a cleaning business and aspire to be recognized as a cleaning expert, you must be prepared to substantiate your expertise by sharing your knowledge.


Upon translating your knowledge and experience into a book, it is time for the grand unveiling. Ensure that your book’s launch is targeted toward your specific audience. This approach not only garners more attention and publicity for your book but also generates higher-quality reviews, as it attracts buyers who are already keenly interested in the content you provide.

For instance, my bestselling book is a non-fiction work encompassing self-development and business, focusing on the art of effective networking. The value it offers is self-evident, but primarily to those individuals whom I aim to reach with my work. If I were to promote the same book to an audience primarily inclined toward sci-fi thrillers, more interested in entertainment than personal and professional development, my sales would be lackluster. Furthermore, those who did make a purchase would likely leave negative reviews because the content did not align with their interests.


The paramount principle to remember is that the only factors that stand between you and your aspirations are time and skill development. Upon publishing your book, you will not only be perceived as an expert in your field but will also experience a sudden influx of opportunities. These opportunities are not only conducive to augmenting your business’s revenue but will also elevate you as a prominent and authoritative figure within your domain.

Upon launching my book, my inbox began to fill with invitations for podcast interviews and speaking engagements. My work started to grace the pages of esteemed publications, all while being actively shared and appreciated by readers, prospective clients, and newfound enthusiasts. Messages from readers expressing gratitude for my book began to pour in, acknowledging me as a mentor and teacher. Most astonishingly, prospects were eagerly knocking at my door, seeking my guidance.

It may sound like a dream, but it’s a reality within reach. All you need to remember is that the only elements separating you from your objectives are time and the development of a skill set. So, seize the opportunity!

Ali Scarlett is a certified networking expert and the #1 national bestselling author of “The Clever Connector.” You can access his free relationship-building tips on his website at

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