How Emily Wells Started A Brand Design Company For Creative Business Owners

Emily Wells’ journey into entrepreneurship began with an early passion for design and an affinity for entrepreneurship. Her love for both design and business blossomed at the age of 18. While working as a receptionist, she taught herself Photoshop during downtime and started creating stationery for herself and friends, eventually selling her creations.

Like many self-taught entrepreneurs, Emily’s interest in branding and design grew, prompting her to turn her newfound hobby into a business. She built her first website, participated in craft shows, and expanded her stationery business across the United States. The thrill of creating something by hand and having others want to purchase it ignited her love for both design and entrepreneurship.

Today, Emily Wells is the owner and chief designer of Emily Wells Design, a company based in Birmingham, Alabama. Since 2013, her business has been providing artisan brand design services to creative entrepreneurs worldwide. She helps entrepreneurs convey their stories through meticulously crafted identity development and brand design, both in digital and print. Emily believes that with curated and cohesive branding, entrepreneurs can effortlessly attract their ideal audience and grow their businesses.

Emily’s journey into entrepreneurship saw her transition from being a receptionist to a full-time college student studying graphic design. She maintained her stationery business until her sophomore year in college, after which she shifted to one-on-one design work with clients, focusing on creating brands and websites.

Her ultimate goal was to establish her own business after graduating from college. This transition came with its share of hard work and sleepless nights, as she built her business while juggling college assignments. However, by the time she graduated, she had accumulated enough clients to work full-time in her business.

Throughout her entrepreneurial journey, Emily’s business has evolved, but the lessons she learned in the early stages have paved the way for her current success.

One of Emily’s notable achievements is her work with well-known brands and influencers, as well as having her work featured on prominent platforms. She has collaborated with figures like Lydia Millen, Stevie and Sazan Hendrix, Catherine Lowe from “The Bachelor,” and organizations like the American Cancer Society and March of Dimes. Her work extends to restaurants and breweries, and witnessing her designs in the real world is a fulfilling and honorable experience. The most significant compliment she receives is when clients say, “You captured me perfectly in the branding,” a testament to her goal with every project.

Emily’s entrepreneurial journey had its share of challenges. Initially, she accepted every project and client that came her way, which was crucial for learning but ultimately unsustainable. This approach led to burnout and a realization that her work suffered when the projects and clients were too diverse.

Emily made a strategic shift to focus on the work she was most passionate about, the work at which she excelled, and the clients she wanted to serve. Saying “no” to projects that didn’t align with her vision was intimidating but proved to be immensely rewarding.

In her daily work, Emily uses various apps to stay organized and inspired. Pinterest is a daily go-to for both sharing her work and finding inspiration not only for design but also for interior and fashion design. Trello helps her keep her work life organized, and she loves SquareSpace for website building due to its user-friendliness and versatile add-ons.

Her top tip for entrepreneurs is to be incredibly specific about their goals, target audience, and branding. Clarity in what you present to the world is essential to attract the right audience. Establishing oneself as an expert in the field and creating a brand that precisely targets the desired audience makes entrepreneurship easier and more successful. Investing in the branding process is worth it as it significantly aids business growth.

Emily’s workdays are filled with bringing creative ideas to life. Whether sipping on cappuccinos, surrounded by mood boards, wearing her Beats headphones, or working on her laptop, her journey is about more than fulfilling her own dreams. She finds immense fulfillment in helping business owners, often women and moms, increase their revenue, simplify their lives, and gain clarity through branding. For Emily, it’s not just about creating a pretty logo; it’s about bringing dreams and ideas to life and making a positive impact on others.

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