Unveiling the Life of Agnese Tarnapovica: Model, Aesthetic Nurse, and Instagram Influencer

Agnese Tarnapovica, a multifaceted talent encompassing the realms of modeling, aesthetic nursing, and Instagram influencing, graciously invites us into her world. Through a series of intriguing questions, we gain insight into her personal life, discovering how her preferences and experiences have shaped her remarkable career.

**Cat or Dog Person?**

“I’m a dog person. They are faithful companions who never leave your side. We can learn a thing or two from dogs about loyalty, love, and compassion. And the adorable face on them is definitely a plus!”

**Favorite Cafe?**

“Hmm, there are so many, I don’t have one specific, but I like cute cafés with an Italian or French touch. These cafes are an experience on another plateau, to try the food from around the world, and be in an aesthetically pleasing place, it fuels my creative side with new and enticing ideas.”

**Best Travel Destination?**

“There are so many places I’ve visited and I really loved them, but one has been very special to me. It’s the Teotihuacan pyramids in Mexico and next to them there is a Mexican restaurant in a huge cave, called La Gruta. The restaurant and the energy there were fascinating. You feel like you’re somewhere else. When you pay the check, they tell you the story of it and give you a lighted candle to go deeper into the cave, make a wish, pray and leave the candle there. Honestly, I felt so light, free, and happy after visiting the pyramids and having lunch at this most beautiful restaurant. I felt so free and recharged after this one-of-a-kind experience.”

**Favorite Weather?**

“I always loved sunny and hot weather. Since I was a kid, I told my parents I would like to live in a country where the sun is always shining. It just gives me so much energy and motivation. Under the reflection of the sun, everything looks more beautiful. But I also love cold weather with lots of snow and, of course, with the sun!”

**Cherished Childhood Memory?**

“Since age 8, I played violin and piano and studied music for 8 years. I am very proud of it because after a few years I wanted to leave music school, but I didn’t. Unfortunately, I stopped playing it regularly at some point, as a young adult I had new interests in life, but I play it again from time to time. I played the violin quite a lot during the lockdown as there was so much free time, and it was very relaxing for me. Recently, I’ve been thinking about playing religiously again.”

Agnese’s journey through life is marked by her exceptional talent and a deep passion for her work. Her ability to embody an angelic presence during a photoshoot is truly captivating. We eagerly anticipate witnessing her continued success in the world of modeling, aesthetic nursing, and Instagram influencing.

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