Revolutionizing Global Healthcare with Health eVillages


In a world increasingly driven by technological advancements, there remains a significant global challenge: over one billion people lack essential healthcare access. Health eVillages, a pioneering initiative founded in 2011, addresses this pressing issue by leveraging mobile health technology to bridge healthcare gaps, particularly in remote and underserved areas.

Empowering Healthcare Providers with Technology

Health eVillages operates on a fundamental principle: by empowering healthcare professionals in resource-limited areas with the latest medical information and tools, they can provide better care to their communities. This is achieved through providing handheld devices like iPads and iPhones, preloaded with medical reference and clinical decision support tools. These tools are designed to be used offline, making them suitable for areas with limited or no internet connectivity. The content on these devices is customized to address local health needs, ranging from primary care to specialized areas such as HIV/AIDS and maternal health.

Facilitating Access in Remote Areas

The organization’s efforts have yielded substantial impacts in various parts of the world. In Kenya, Health eVillages’ mobile devices have contributed to an increase in safe deliveries and a reduction in maternal and infant mortality. In Haiti, their support led to the establishment of the Regis College Haiti Project, enhancing local nursing education and healthcare systems. Furthermore, Health eVillages has extended its support to the United States, aiding rural healthcare through partnerships and providing mobile health technology to local healthcare professionals.

Global Reach and Impact

Since its inception, Health eVillages has expanded its reach to eleven countries, deploying over 585 mobile devices globally. Their work is supported by various partners, including the TramutoPorter Foundation, Healthways, Tivity Health, Sharecare, Linkwell Health, Isobar, and Tidesmart Health. These collaborations have been crucial in tailoring content to meet unique regional healthcare needs and ensuring that geography and income do not dictate a person’s access to quality healthcare.


Health eVillages exemplifies how technology can be a powerful tool in transforming healthcare access and outcomes. By delivering technology, facilitating access, and empowering healthcare providers, Health eVillages continues to make strides in improving global healthcare, one village at a time.

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