Transforming Lives through Exceptional Weight Loss and Body Sculpting: Meet April Hardaway of Snatched Physique LLC

April Hardaway, a registered nurse, founded Snatched Physique LLC, an Atlanta-based body sculpting spa and training facility. This dynamic venture has not only excelled in the body sculpting industry but has also trained over 100 students to launch their body sculpting businesses.

April’s entrepreneurial drive and commitment to a significant purpose have significantly impacted the body sculpting industry. In 2019, after over a decade in nursing, she established Snatched Physique with the goal of uplifting the industry to new heights. In three years, the facility has transformed the lives of more than 1,500 clients, receiving numerous 5-star reviews and positive testimonials.

Snatched Physique is renowned for its unique training programs for budding entrepreneurs. The facility has successfully trained over 100 students to start their body sculpting businesses. April’s mission is to provide top-notch weight loss services and programs at affordable rates.

Her personal weight loss journey inspires her to provide exceptional services, aiming to boost the self-esteem and goals of women and men. The impressive results, transformations, and comprehensive training offered by Snatched Physique have earned it recognition in prominent media outlets and over 40 networks.

April’s dedication goes beyond client transformations; she is passionate about helping students enter the industry and start their body sculpting businesses. Through Snatched Physique, April strives to make a positive impact on clients and students.

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