GANT Collaborates with Artists to Transform Varsity Jacket into a “Blank Canvas”

GANT, the well-known fashion brand, is embarking on a creative journey, merging artistry and expression through its latest collaboration. Partnering with three multi-talented artists, GANT introduces the limited-edition capsule collection, “Blank Canvas,” featuring reimagined Varsity Jackets. This unique collaboration not only celebrates the metamorphic power of art applied to a classic garment but also champions charitable causes that resonate deeply with the artists.

The Varsity Jacket, steeped in American athletic history, was originally introduced in the late 19th century to honor standout baseball players, evolving into a timeless fashion icon. Crafted from heavy wool and adorned with appliqued lettering, the Varsity Jacket’s simple yet enduring design has captured the admiration of heritage brands and fashion aficionados alike.

GANT’s “Blank Canvas” collection brings forth the artistic interpretations of three gifted creators. Florida-born artist and performer, Kilo Kish, breathes life into her album “American Gurl” through her take on the Varsity Jacket. London-based visionary Ken Nwadiogbu weaves his Nigerian heritage into his design, merging tradition with contemporary elements. Meanwhile, Paris-based architect Harry Nuriev, known for his work with Crosby Studios, challenges the conventional lines between architecture and fashion through his innovative jacket reimagination.

Each artist approaches the project with a unique perspective and distinct artistic flair. Kilo Kish draws from pop culture and American symbolism, creating a design that’s vibrant and visually striking. Ken Nwadiogbu unites his Nigerian heritage with modern influences, crafting a fusion of classic and contemporary. Harry Nuriev, drawing on his architectural background, weaves a pattern of cut swatches, blurring the boundaries between fashion and design.

Beyond their creative contributions, GANT gives each artist the opportunity to select a charity dear to their hearts. GANT pledges to donate 100% of the proceeds from the limited-edition Varsity Jackets to these charitable organizations. This endeavor not only spotlights the artists’ philanthropic endeavors but also aligns with GANT’s mission to make a positive impact on the world.

GANT’s collaboration with these three accomplished artists in the “Blank Canvas” collection underscores the brand’s commitment to creativity, innovation, and social responsibility. By reimagining the iconic Varsity Jacket, these artists have elevated a classic garment into a work of art. Through their unique interpretations and support for charitable causes, GANT remains dedicated to pushing the boundaries of fashion and inspiring others to embark on their creative journeys.

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