A Fresh Direction in ‘American Horror Story: Delicate

Introducing Subtlety in ‘American Horror Story’

The “American Horror Story” series has long been synonymous with shock value, gruesome visuals, and sadistic themes, often avoiding the concept of restraint. However, the 12th installment of this iconic FX series, titled “Delicate,” embarks on a refreshing departure from its traditional tone. Drawing inspiration from the classic horror film “Rosemary’s Baby,” this season introduces an unexpected level of restraint that may surprise fans accustomed to the franchise’s previous offerings.

Emma Roberts Shines as Anna Alcott

One of the standout performances in “Delicate” is delivered by Emma Roberts, who portrays the character of Anna Alcott. Anna is a rising star in the film industry grappling with the heart-wrenching issue of infertility. Roberts’ portrayal of a woman who sees herself as “broken” due to her inability to conceive is both poignant and thought-provoking. This early character development lays the foundation for a narrative filled with depth and emotional complexity. Sharing the screen with Roberts is Matt Czuchry, who plays Anna’s husband, Dex, promising to be a central element in the unfolding story.

Unveiling Anna’s IVF Journey

The plot takes a mysterious turn when Anna opts for another round of IVF treatment, despite her doctor’s assurances of success this time. Denis O’Hare plays the role of her doctor, adding an element of intrigue due to his association with the “Horror Story” franchise. This casting choice raises questions about the doctor’s credibility, setting the stage for suspenseful developments.

Halley Feiffer’s Unique Approach

Halley Feiffer, the writer-producer of “Delicate,” introduces a departure from the usual pace associated with “American Horror Story.” This departure allows the story to breathe, offering space for character development and infusing an additional layer of mystery into the narrative. Notably, one subplot delves into Dex’s mysterious first wife’s death, raising questions about his past. Furthermore, the presence of a shadowy woman who appears to be stalking Anna adds an extra layer of tension.

Kim Kardashian’s Unexpected Role

One of the most talked-about aspects of “Delicate” is the casting of Kim Kardashian, primarily known for her reality TV stardom. In this season, Kardashian takes on the role of Anna’s publicist and friend. This choice reflects producer Ryan Murphy’s knack for combining promotional value with performance. Despite her limited acting experience, Kardashian delivers a credible performance, possibly benefitting from her familiarity with the glamorous world depicted in the series.

Returning to Horror Basics

“American Horror Story” boldly redirects its focus in “Delicate,” transitioning from the supernatural and the extraordinary to a more conventional and relatable setting. Anna’s vulnerability adds depth to the horror as viewers explore the fears and anxieties that can lurk beneath the surface of an otherwise glamorous life. The fact that Anna must schedule medical appointments around an appearance on Andy Cohen’s talk show and discuss expensive private schools before even becoming pregnant adds an intriguing layer to the storyline.

A Series in Evolution

Although “Delicate” might not entirely transform the nature of the “American Horror Story” franchise, its debut establishes an encouraging atmosphere. The mysterious elements of the inaugural episode create an intriguing introduction that piques curiosity. To borrow the words of Andy Cohen, viewers will be eagerly anticipating what unfolds next in this series, which continues to evolve and consistently surprise.

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