The Fashion Frontier: Paris Fashion Week Embraces Augmented Reality Kiosks

A Digital Evolution Reshaping Paris Fashion Week

In the constantly evolving world of the fashion industry, Paris Fashion Week has embarked on an exciting venture into the digital domain. Alongside the traditional charm of physical shows and presentations, this renowned event has unveiled an innovative addition: augmented reality (AR) kiosks. Positioned within the Sphere showroom, situated at the heart of the esteemed Palais de Tokyo, these kiosks have created a gateway to a fresh era of fashion exploration.

Illuminating the Future: Neon-Lit AR Kiosks

The AR kiosks, adorned in striking neon-green tones, entice fashion enthusiasts with their radiant charm. These sleek setups showcase full-length AR mirrors that are set to transform the way you experience fashion. Equipped with state-of-the-art integrated touchscreens, they offer a captivating selection of designer outfits carefully curated from a roster of up-and-coming talents. Among these notable designers are Chet Lo, Louis Gabriel Nouchi (the esteemed recipient of the Andam Fashion Award), the sought-after Harri (a favorite of the acclaimed musician Sam Smith), and the innovative Celine Kwan, renowned for her tailor-made creations for the sensational artist Lizzo.

Exploring the Virtual Runway: Unleash Your Imagination

Entering this digital wonderland provides visitors with a unique opportunity to virtually try on garments of their choice. This immersive experience goes a step further as attendees capture these moments of fashion exploration with a single snapshot. But the enchantment doesn’t end there; it unfolds as visitors enhance their photos with virtual stickers, adding a personal touch to their fashion stories. These creations can then be effortlessly transferred to their smartphones using convenient QR codes or, reminiscent of days gone by, printed out as tangible mementos. For those who are captivated by the virtual clothing, the DressX marketplace is ready, offering a gateway to the future of fashion commerce.

Visionaries Behind the AR Activation

This revolutionary activation emerges as a collaboration between two dynamic forces in the fashion world: Fabrix and DressX. Fabrix, the brainchild of Shin Wong, is a Hong Kong-based curated fashion platform that has disrupted the industry with its innovative approach. Wong’s inspiration for the kiosk concept draws from the vibrant Japanese sticker selfie booths, an integral part of the broader Asian cultural fabric. She perceives this activation not merely as a fashion spectacle but as a “cultural event,” underscoring the significance of fashion within a wider cultural context.

Nurturing Emerging Talent

Established in 2020 with the backing of the Hong Kong government, Fabrix emerged in response to the difficulties encountered by local designers amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Its fundamental objective was to offer vital support to talents such as Celine Kwan, granting them the opportunity to present their creations when travel limitations had hindered physical exhibitions. Over time, Fabrix broadened its scope, welcoming emerging global fashion talents and serving as a conduit between traditional and innovative approaches in the industry.

The Confluence of Tradition and Innovation

Shin Wong, with her background deeply rooted in the art world, brings an artistic perspective to Fabrix. She approaches fashion curation with the same discerning eye that she employed during her ten-year tenure as the chief curator of the Hong Kong Design Festival. Collaborating with esteemed organizations such as the French FHCM and the British Fashion Council, she ensures that Fabrix’s candidates stand as paragons of creativity and innovation.

Data-Driven Fashion: Empowering Emerging Designers

Shin Wong firmly believes that physical presentations remain irreplaceable, yet digital technology can serve as a potent tool to enhance fashion storytelling and catalyze sales. For emerging designers, the data gleaned from AR activations provides invaluable insights into the preferences of their audience. Armed with this knowledge, designers can make more informed decisions regarding color palettes and production quantities, ensuring a harmonious blend of artistry and commerce.

A Global Expansion of AR Innovation

The inception of this groundbreaking AR initiative occurred in Hong Kong, and its success has transcended borders. Recently, it made waves during London Fashion Week at the renowned Selfridges. Attendees on both sides of the English Channel were invited to partake in the virtual fashion extravaganza, trying on virtual garments and accessories from a global lineup of designers. The collection featured pieces by Paris Fashion Week luminaries such as (Alex Po and Derek Cheng), Florentina Leitner, and the aforementioned Louis Gabriel Nouchi. The range spanned from smocked denim jackets to chic sunglasses, form-fitting bodysuits, and trendy tank tops, offering a kaleidoscope of fashion experiences.

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