With her distinctive beauty salon “Extraordinary Kurves,” CEO Lakisha Martin creates her own success story

It has made a name for itself as one of the top-rated and most reliable health and wellness facilities in Raleigh, North Carolina. The world has seen many successful male professionals but hasn’t celebrated female professionals enough. However, an increasing number of female entrepreneurs, often mothers, from diverse backgrounds, are making significant strides in their industries. Lakisha (Kish) Martin, a mompreneur and CEO, is a prime example of this trend.

Lakisha Martin is not just an ordinary entrepreneur; she has achieved remarkable success and growth in her businesses, demonstrating her exceptional business acumen. Despite facing early challenges, she pursued her ambitions and became a serial entrepreneur, even earning certifications in the beauty industry. Her accomplishments include speaking about her well-known spa, “Extraordinary Kurves,” before the mayor of Raleigh.

Extraordinary Kurves has become a notable player in the health and beauty industry under the guidance of CEO Lakisha Martin. The spa offers a range of services and products aimed at helping people achieve their desired appearance and self-confidence. Lakisha Martin’s entrepreneurial spirit is evident, with her beauty spa being particularly close to her heart, as it allows her to empower women by restoring their self-confidence. Her journey as a teenage mother and serial entrepreneur, marked by unwavering commitment and hard work, has propelled her to a position where she can positively impact the lives of others. Her mission is to help women regain their self-esteem and inner confidence.

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