Todd and Julie Chrisley’s Unexpected Early Release: A Twist in Their Story

The Chrisleys’ Sentences Reduced, Foreseeing Further Decreases

In a recent turn of events that has taken many by surprise, Todd and Julie Chrisley, widely recognized from their appearances on reality TV, are now on the verge of an early release from prison. Initially confronted with sentences of 12 years for Todd and seven years for Julie, there is now a glimmer of hope as their sentences have been cut by over a year each. This revelation, derived from federal prison records sourced by Page Six, has brought newfound optimism to the Chrisley family.

As per these records, Todd Chrisley, a father of five, is currently slated for release from the Federal Prison Camp Pensacola on January 22, 2033, which is two years earlier than his originally assigned 12-year term. Likewise, Julie Chrisley’s expected release from the Federal Medical Center Lexington is now set for October 19, 2028, reflecting a 14-month reduction from her initial seven-year sentence.

Their attorney, Jay Surgent, stressed that “Todd and Julie are undoubtedly model inmates who received overly harsh sentences.” He went on to mention that Todd’s sentence has been trimmed down to 10 years, and Julie’s to five years. Surgent expressed confidence in the possibility of further sentence reductions, citing this optimism in light of the implementation of new sentencing guidelines in November.

Todd, aged 54, and Julie, who is 50, commenced their prison sentences in January, serving time in separate facilities located in Florida and Kentucky. Their convictions revolved around charges of fraud and tax evasion. Prosecutors argued that the couple, who have been married for over 20 years, had submitted fraudulent documentation to banks during the process of applying for loans. In addition to this, Julie faced allegations of providing deceptive credit reports and misleading bank statements while attempting to secure a rental property in California. Furthermore, Todd’s former business partner, Mark Braddock, made claims of an extramarital affair between Todd and himself, asserting that they had resorted to paying a blackmailer to keep this alleged affair concealed.

In June 2022, Todd and Julie Chrisley were found guilty, and their combined prison sentence amounted to 19 years, serving as a stark reminder of the severe repercussions of attempting to defraud the American tax system. This message was further emphasized by James E. Dorsey, the special agent in charge at the IRS Criminal Investigation Atlanta field office, who highlighted the consequences in a press release following their sentencing in November 2022.

The Chrisleys are parents to three children: Chase (27), Savannah (26), and Grayson (17). Furthermore, Todd has two children, Lindsie (33) and Kyle (32), from his previous marriage to Teresa Terry. Additionally, the couple adopted Kyle’s daughter, Chloe, who is now 10 years old. Chloe’s father, a recovering addict, lost custody in 2016, leading to the Chrisleys’ decision to provide her with a stable home.

With Todd and Julie embarking on their respective prison terms, their daughter Savannah has taken on the responsibility of caring for Chloe and her younger brother, Grayson. Angela Johnson, the children’s mother, is presently working towards regaining custody of Chloe, marking another chapter in the complex and widely-followed narrative of the Chrisley family.

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