The Top 3 Factors That Make Veterans Successful Entrepreneurs

Priority one is the mission. Here are three main explanations for why veterans frequently have what it takes to succeed as entrepreneurs.

In a recent conversation with a prominent business consultant associated with a national diversity supplier council, I received a heartfelt acknowledgement for my service in the US Navy. What struck me was his remark about veterans’ potential to become successful entrepreneurs. I hadn’t considered this perspective before, but it resonated with me and inspired me to explore why veterans often possess the qualities needed for entrepreneurial success. Here are three key reasons why veterans make excellent entrepreneurs:

High Discipline:

Veterans are known for their discipline, cultivated through rigorous training and military life. The expectation of maintaining a high level of discipline never diminishes, and it’s a trait that carries over into their entrepreneurial ventures. Successful entrepreneurs also exhibit strong discipline, as they must navigate the challenges of running a startup where there’s no room for a lack of commitment. Self-discipline is what drives entrepreneurs to overcome obstacles and achieve success.


Veterans exhibit unwavering commitment to their missions and responsibilities, regardless of the circumstances. This commitment is instilled from their military training, where the success of the mission takes precedence. Similarly, successful entrepreneurs possess a deep commitment to bringing their dreams to fruition. They take full responsibility for their journey and consider failure an unacceptable outcome. While entrepreneurs may face setbacks, they do not entertain the idea of giving up.

“Mission First” Mentality:

In the military, the mission is paramount, guiding all activities and decisions. Veterans develop a “Mission First” mentality, aligning their lives with the mission’s goals. Successful entrepreneurs share this mindset, with their mission being the core purpose of their business. Their companies were born out of a mission to address a specific need, and they maintain a clear focus on this mission. A well-defined mission statement guides entrepreneurs, ensuring they stay on course and avoid distractions.

For veterans transitioning into the world of entrepreneurship, remember that you possess invaluable skills and determination. Failure is not an option for individuals with your level of commitment and resourcefulness. Embrace this new mission and succeed.

About the author:

Mike Dillard is a Business Development Coach, Entrepreneur, and Author of “The Facility Maintenance Cheat Sheet: Vol. I.” He is the owner of iOn Reliability Training & Consulting, a Honolulu-based company offering training solutions across various industries.

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