Tech Entrepreneur Julian Hamood’s Rise From IT Startup To Global Leader

In the challenging landscape of today’s business world, IT infrastructure plays a pivotal role in creating value. Julian Hamood, the founder and President of Trusted Tech Team (TTT), a prominent Microsoft Cloud Solutions Provider (CSP) specializing in Microsoft 365 and Azure, understands the significance of IT infrastructure in this context.

In a time when every budgetary item undergoes meticulous scrutiny, IT leaders like Julian collaborate with businesses to discover potential sources of value, set priorities, and assess not only the cost but also the impact.

“The current economic climate is compelling businesses to cut spending across various sectors, particularly concerning IT infrastructure,” Hamood observes. “However, there are innovative methods to reduce costs while optimizing existing infrastructure and enhancing the customer experience.”

Effective IT infrastructure is a catalyst for growth and productivity. It generates value by selecting the most suitable technologies and knowing how to seamlessly integrate them. To communicate the value of IT infrastructure to business leaders, credibility in fundamental principles, understanding pain points, and a proactive approach are paramount.

Julian Hamood has transformed Trusted Tech Team into a trusted partner by achieving precisely that and more, all while effectively conveying value. He elaborates, “Clients can enjoy discounts of up to 20 percent on Microsoft 365 and cloud licensing packages and gain no-cost access to U.S.-based support. This includes direct contact with Microsoft-certified engineers and tech architects who expediently and accurately resolve support issues. The result is optimized IT budgets and a personalized support approach.”

Providing Tangible Business Value:

There is substantial evidence that creative IT infrastructure deployment helps businesses enhance efficiency, redefine business models, and elevate the customer experience. Establishing the right partnerships is essential for businesses striving to resolve complex IT issues. Julian Hamood emphasizes the commitment of his team to alleviate the most advanced Microsoft-related challenges, providing technical support that surpasses the capabilities of other CSPs. His team serves as a bridge between IT professionals and the technologies they use to optimize software solutions and maximize budgets, ensuring that internal support teams can overcome technical hurdles and licensing complexities.

Meeting Startup Challenges:

One of the principal startup challenges faced by Trusted Tech Team, which persists today, is that their offering often appears “too good to be true” to customers accustomed to a lack of transparency and trust in the IT industry. Overcoming this skepticism required building trust one business and one person at a time, gradually earning customers’ confidence and relying on word-of-mouth referrals to establish credibility in a close-knit IT community.

Leading by Example:

As a leader, Julian Hamood embraces the philosophy of leading by example. He believes that by demonstrating the qualities and work ethic he expects from his employees, he can set the standard for his team. He believes in the importance of maintaining a legacy focused on inspiring other good leaders and fostering a more people-centric mindset within the industry. Julian’s leadership style centers on showing up every day and working harder than anyone else, a commitment that he believes inspires his employees to excel.

Building a Legacy:

In addition to his business acumen, Julian Hamood is dedicated to making a positive impact in his community. He is an active volunteer and primary sponsor for Project Youth OC, a non-profit organization that supports underprivileged and at-risk youth through counseling, mentoring, and professional development services. He also contributes to United Champions for Change, an organization dedicated to addressing educational inequities, and supports the Wounded Warrior Project, which aids wounded veterans.

Curious and Continuous Learning:

Julian’s recommendations for fellow entrepreneurs include the book “100M Dollar Offers” by Alex Hormozi, which provides insights into creating compelling offers and demonstrating the value of your products or services. He also highlights the significance of using Microsoft 365 for its suite of seamlessly integrated applications, generative AI chatbots like Bing Chat and ChatGPT for productivity, and LinkedIn for networking and business interactions.

Julian Hamood’s journey from the inception of Trusted Tech Team to its impressive growth is a testament to the power of delivering exceptional value, transparency, and a customer-first approach in the IT industry. He has not only built a thriving business but also a legacy focused on leadership and making a positive impact in the community.

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