Ozzy Osbourne’s Unforgettable Offer to Join Slipknot: Becoming the 10th Member

In an unexpected turn of events, the iconic Ozzy Osbourne expressed a desire to become the 10th member of the masked metal band Slipknot during their participation in Ozzy’s Ozzfest music festival in 1999. This remarkable encounter showcased the boundless spirit of music and the unique backstory that led to Ozzy’s surprising proposition.

Ozzy’s Aspiration Revealed:

Ozzfest 1999 featured Slipknot, a band that had deeply resonated with Ozzy’s son, Jack. Jack’s unwavering admiration for the band was the driving force behind their inclusion. Recognizing the significance of Slipknot to his son, Ozzy made an unexpected offer – to join Slipknot as their 10th member.

Corey Taylor’s Recollection:

Corey Taylor, the charismatic frontman of Slipknot, vividly recounted this moment in an interview with Classic Rock magazine. He shared how their connection was forged through a shared love for music, with Sharon Osbourne playing a pivotal role in making it happen. Corey’s recollection of the event revealed the impact of meeting a music legend, describing it as akin to encountering a superhero.

Ozzy’s Enthusiastic Proposal:

Ozzy’s eagerness to join Slipknot was palpable during this unexpected encounter. He exclaimed, “You’re the guys with nine members? I wanna be number 10!” Corey’s response reflected the sentiment of everyone present: “Dude, you’re Ozzy, anything you want!” The prospect of having the iconic Ozzy Osbourne as their 10th member left an indelible impression, showcasing the extraordinary power of music to create unique connections.

Challenges and Heartbreak:

It is essential to acknowledge Ozzy Osbourne’s recent health challenges. He had to cancel a performance at the Power Trip festival in Indio, California, due to ongoing health issues. His family has expressed their heartbreak over the situation, emphasizing his strong desire to continue performing. Ozzy’s health struggles have added a poignant layer to his remarkable offer to join Slipknot.


The moment when Ozzy Osbourne expressed his desire to become Slipknot’s 10th member remains a unique and unforgettable event in the world of music. It serves as a testament to the transformative power of music, demonstrating its ability to create unexpected connections that transcend boundaries.

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