Leidy Mazo is a Miami-based Artist Who Specializes in Sculpture and Pop Art

Leidy Mazo, a rising pop artist based in Miami, is making waves in the art world with her unique creations, blending pop art with contemporary 3D sculptures. Her journey from Colombia to the United States was fueled by ambition and a scholarship to an art institution. She later ventured into acting, earning a role in “Transformers: Dark of the Moon.”

Mazo’s diverse background as a model, actress, and artist has inspired her artistic approach. As a wife and mother, she now finds painting the best way to express her emotions. Her artistic journey began unexpectedly when she started drawing the Star of David, leading her into a world of art.

Her initial love for art was rooted in Jewish stars, symbolizing a period of uncertainty in her life. Subsequently, she delved into the complex human response to war and violence, creating the “Soldiers Hearts Fight for Love” collection. Her work aims to convey a deeper narrative of life, drawing inspiration from her moods and inner feelings.

Mazo’s style is heavily influenced by pop art pioneers like Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein. Her work carries a unique twist of fun and sexiness, often reflecting elements of popular culture. Her creative process involves channeling her emotions and thoughts onto canvas to create art that spreads happiness and love.

The artist’s work has been exhibited at prestigious events such as Art Basel in Miami and various art shows, and she actively promotes her collections on social media. Collaboration with like-minded artists has been an essential part of her growth, fostering learning and new ideas.

Mazo’s art also has a strong business aspect. She’s built a loyal following and collector base through platforms like Instagram. She views her art as a form of dialogue and strives to evoke happiness and warmth through her work.

Despite the challenges posed by the ongoing pandemic, Mazo remains optimistic about the art market. She believes there is still a demand for limited edition and high-quality pieces and anticipates a return to normalcy in the art market after the pandemic subsides.

Looking ahead, she plans to focus on her “Teddy Bear Puzzle Collection” and her exploration of 3D sculptures. Mazo is also actively involved in philanthropy, having donated 16,000 KN-95 masks to front-line healthcare workers in support of the fight against COVID-19.

Her belief in the power of narratives and symbols as tools for understanding the world shines through her art and philanthropic efforts, making Leidy Mazo an influential and dynamic artist.

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