Kate Westad, the Founder of Palette by pak, Questions the Status Quo

I didn’t start out as an inventor or a founder of a sustainable beauty brand. As a litigation attorney and a single mother of four, my plate was already full. However, since childhood, I’ve been brimming with inventive ideas, and eventually, those ideas found their way to the market.

A personal tragedy forced me to reevaluate my life and fueled my desire to do something more meaningful—something that aligned with my passion for innovation and design as well as my commitment to environmental sustainability.

Enter Palette by pak. The concept occurred to me during a transformative journey to Paris and the South of France. While on my solo adventure, I took the time to introspect and truly consider what I wanted to do. I tuned into that often-ignored inner voice. What I discovered was a desire to make reusable and refillable beauty products a reality.

The idea for The Original High Fiver sprouted while I was packing for the trip, and it stayed with me throughout my journey and even on the flight back home. When I returned, my passion for the High Fiver concept didn’t wane. I decided, “I’m doing this. I’m bringing this to market.”

I consulted with an intellectual property lawyer, and the rest, as they say, is history. Only 12% of women in the U.S. are patent holders, and this figure drops to a mere 1% for solo inventors like myself. The journey to becoming a patent holder, a sustainable beauty inventor, and an entrepreneur required courage and a significant leap of faith.

Here’s how I challenged my status quo:

Simply Start:

The first thing on your to-do list should be simple: just start. Starting doesn’t have to be a monumental event. You don’t need to upend your life overnight or quit your job right away. For instance, I had saved money for a side hustle, but I wasn’t planning on quitting my job just yet. And if you’re unsure where to find the time, try cutting out a few hours of TV each week—it’s amazing how much time that frees up for your passion projects.

Yearn to Learn:

In the initial phases of starting a business, whether it’s a full-time venture or a side hustle, finances can be a concern. However, there are numerous ways to get started without spending money, such as learning everything you can about your chosen field. I reached out to experts, read trade articles and books, and conducted extensive research. I even spent several hours a week on the phone, asking questions. You’d be surprised at the free advice, connections, and information that people are willing to share. Remember, knowledge is power.

Learn to Pivot:

Launching a company during a global pandemic taught me the importance of adaptability. COVID-19 disrupted my plans significantly, and we had to pivot multiple times. The key is to maintain your entrepreneurial spirit and view problems as opportunities.

Don’t Discount Yourself:

Before starting Palette by pak, I had never launched a beauty product. But I believed in my vision and myself. Even if you haven’t done it before, trust your instincts. It’s an advantage to be an outsider in a market, industry, or process—you can bring fresh eyes and a unique perspective to the table. Stay focused on your vision.

Continue to Innovate:

My curiosity led me to entrepreneurship. I wanted to create a line of products that could make beauty more sustainable and reusable. I was tired of using non-recyclable travel-sized products but found full-sized products impractical for travel. So, I innovated. Now, my planet-friendly products are revolutionizing the beauty industry.

Get a Mentor:

Having a mentor can significantly accelerate your learning process. A mentor can provide immediate feedback, valuable criticism, and support, helping you grow and succeed.

In conclusion, step out of your comfort zone and follow your curiosity, and you’ll likely uncover problems that need solving. That’s how you’ll not only best serve your future customers but also help transform entire industries.

With Palette by pak, I’m challenging the status quo and promoting reusable beauty. Will you join the movement?

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