How To Make It Through Your First Year Of Consulting Business

Here’s an inside look at the best ways to maintain your success (and sanity!) while you launch your consulting business.

You’ve taken the courageous step of launching your own consulting business, offering expert advice in your field of expertise. Congratulations, you’re in for an exciting journey. However, it’s vital not to underestimate the challenges ahead. Entrepreneurship demands hard work, long hours, and unwavering focus. To ensure your success, you must establish good habits right from the start. Your habits will play a crucial role in ensuring your business runs smoothly and that you make the most of your time. Here are some tips to kickstart your consulting venture on the right track:

Prioritize Your Health:

Start by establishing a healthy lifestyle. Maintaining a nutritious diet and regular exercise can be a challenge with long work hours. Prioritize your health now to avoid relying on fast food and endless desk work. Mindfulness about your eating habits is essential, as is scheduling exercise and getting adequate sleep. Don’t forget to utilize aids like eye masks, cozy pajamas, and earplugs for quality rest.

Find ways to manage stress. Identify stress triggers and work on minimizing their impact. Whether it’s scheduling conference calls or facing hectic workdays, spread out your commitments to reduce stress. Also, create a relaxation routine, such as yoga, walks, or meditation, to help manage stress effectively.

Time Management:

Focus on major projects rather than juggling numerous small tasks. Traveling, remembering names, and acclimating to different projects consume time. Concentrate on larger organizations and projects as they offer more consistent work and income.

Tackle the toughest tasks first. Embrace challenges and discomfort. You’ll often encounter tasks that make you uneasy or seem beyond your capabilities, but it’s essential to face them head-on. 

Taking on the most difficult task early in the day can provide a sense of accomplishment.

Maintain cash flow through timely invoicing. Invoicing clients promptly is crucial to avoiding cash flow problems. Consider using templates for recurring clients to streamline the process.

Implement time management best practices. Start your day by setting priorities, optimize your best hours for different tasks, and utilize waiting and travel time effectively. Handle each piece of paper only once, set deadlines, take short breaks, and minimize interruptions.

Business Habits:

Charge what you’re worth. Determine your value and set your rates accordingly. Don’t delay adjusting your fees if you’re not charging what you deserve, but provide your current clients with ample notice.

Keep track of expenses diligently, either through apps or by establishing a filing system for paper receipts. This will ensure you’re always prepared to prepare invoices.

Engage in continuous marketing. Consistent marketing efforts are vital to maintaining a steady flow of clients. Initially, you may need to market your services actively. Every interaction, conversation, or professional meeting is an opportunity for self-promotion.

Delight your clients. Go above and beyond your promises to build trust. Send them relevant materials, like books or articles. Simple gestures like sending greeting cards without a specific occasion show appreciation.

Add copyrights to your original documents. Protect your intellectual property by adding a copyright date to your work. This safeguard prevents unauthorized use of your materials.

Being Your Own Boss:

Achieve balance in your life by prioritizing what matters most to you. Ensure family, spirituality, social life, and work-related elements all receive attention.

Establish your own rules to maintain work-life balance. For example, set a rule that work must end by 6:00 p.m. or commit to spending Saturday mornings with your children.

Make working from home enjoyable. Take breaks, enjoy meals outdoors, or work from your deck to create a pleasant work environment.

Cultivate hobbies outside of work to maintain a well-rounded life. Dedicate time to new hobbies, skills, or activities, ensuring that work doesn’t consume your entire life.

In the first year of your consulting journey, significant changes and growth are in store. By forming good habits early on, you’ll pave the way for long-term success and enjoy your work for years to come.

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