How Multi-Hyphenate Businessman Matt Jacob Diversified His Portfolio of Ventures

It is undeniably impressive to venture into diverse professions at different life stages and excel in each of them. Such an achievement is not a simple feat and necessitates a unique set of qualities for ultimate success. In this regard, Matt Jacob, the creative force behind MOOD Studio, shares the three attributes that have enabled him to enrich his professional journey with diversity.

Throughout his remarkable career, Matt has adeptly taken on multiple roles, including that of a pilot, gym owner, and photographer. His passion for flying and photography has been a lifelong driving force. At the tender age of eighteen, he embarked on his professional odyssey, enrolling in the Business and Economics undergraduate program at Newcastle University, while simultaneously juggling numerous odd jobs to support his education.

Following his graduation, Matt pursued his dream of becoming a pilot. After years of dedicated training, he finally realized his dream by piloting cargo planes across Europe. His secondary aspiration of becoming a photographer also found fertile ground when he transitioned into the private jet sector. This career allowed Matt to travel to the most enchanting and exotic locations, where he artfully captured human stories and breathtaking landscapes with his camera. His professional journey also led him to Hong Kong, where he resided for nearly a decade, co-establishing a chain of upscale gyms called Pinnacle Performance. In 2022, he relocated to Bali, bringing his unique artistry to cultural photography and portraiture, ultimately founding MOOD Studio.

Matt readily admits that the development of his diverse portfolio was not without its share of challenges. While he considers his career as a pilot a great success and his photography journey a “work in progress,” he acknowledges the presence of failures and setbacks along his professional path. Matt perceives success as a highly personal and subjective concept characterized by a series of peaks and valleys. “I’ve encountered failures in many business ideas or attempted ‘side-hustles’ and succeeded in one or two. However, my definition of success may differ from others,” he humbly states.

Despite the ebbs and flows of his entrepreneurial voyage, Matt attributes his progress to three personal qualities that have guided him along the way.

Passion: Prior to embarking on any career journey, it is essential to ask questions like, “Do I derive enjoyment from this?” and “Am I truly passionate about this?” Your passion, your genuine affinity for a particular profession, coupled with a pragmatic mindset, forms the ideal recipe for a successful addition to your professional repertoire. Passion ensures that you persist, even when faced with challenges. For Matt, his passion for flying sustained him during the grueling years of pilot training. Hence, passion is vital as it sets the right intentions when commencing any endeavor.

Competency: Developing competence through education is pivotal for a multifaceted career. It lays the necessary foundation for your professional journey, arming you with the requisite knowledge to commence a vocation. Matt further underscores that education should not be confined solely to formal academic institutions. Rather, it encompasses a commitment to continual learning and practice throughout your life to hone your skills. Matt’s creative journey exemplifies that self-directed learning can propel you far in your chosen field.

Tenacity: A tenacious disposition is imperative for a thriving, diverse career. While passion and education can carry you a long way, it is tenacity that keeps you motivated in the face of apparent setbacks. Tenacity serves as the driving force that compels one to persevere through hard work and challenges, even when immediate results may seem elusive

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