Grey’s Anatomy: Maggie Is Leaving and Amelia Is Left Stunned

In season 19, episode 13 of “Grey’s Anatomy,” Dr. Maggie Pierce is preparing to leave Grey Sloan for the next phase of her life, but not before a significant day at the hospital. Kai arrives in Seattle to spend the day with Amelia, raising concerns about their relationship, while Bailey and Ben have differing views on moving to an Airbnb. Link and Jo’s flirtation is noticed by their colleagues, especially Teddy, who suggests they find a private place.

A woman arrives at the hospital insisting on meeting Maggie because her friend Nola needs surgery for a heart tumor. Despite initial unavailability, Maggie postpones her flight to evaluate Nola’s condition, which deteriorates rapidly, requiring urgent surgery. Maggie and Winston collaborate effectively in the operating room but struggle outside of it.

Amelia opens up to Kai about her struggles with people leaving her life and vows to avoid negativity. However, Kai is clearly concerned about her emotional well-being. Maggie expresses gratitude to Winston for his help during the surgery and they spend an intimate night together. The next day, Maggie invites Winston to Chicago, but he urges her to stay in Seattle and fight for their relationship. When Maggie compares herself to her mother Ellis, Catherine reminds her that she’s more than just a reflection of Ellis’ ambition.

Amelia doesn’t want Kai to return to Minnesota, but a bombshell revelation is made – the team has accepted positions to open a lab in London. Amelia pleads with Kai to prioritize their relationship, but Kai isn’t thrilled about the idea. They ultimately agree that the move could negatively affect their relationship, leaving Amelia devastated.

As Maggie leaves Grey Sloan, she feels confident in her choices and encounters her two mothers in the elevator, radiating joy. Maggie’s relationship with Winston ends as they have different priorities, and Jules expresses gratitude toward Winston for his guidance.

The episode leaves Amelia feeling abandoned, as Kai, whom she wanted to stay with her at Grey Sloan, chooses a different path. The future of these characters’ relationships and careers is uncertain, making it a dramatic and emotional episode of “Grey’s Anatomy.”

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