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Barnes & Noble in Miami Hosts Avni Parekh, Bravo TV Star and Author 

A Community Book Signing Event That Brought Out Gens X, Y, and Z

Making an appearance at one of the country’s most prestigious bookstores, Barnes & Noble, was Avni Parekh, a rising star from Bravo’s captivating television show Family Karma and an award-winning self-development author. The November 5th book signing and community meet and greet event took place at the giant book retailer’s Kendall location in South Florida. 

Attracting Bravo TV fans and book enthusiasts from Generations X, Y, and Z to Barnes & Noble for the Sunday-afternoon event, Avni has made a name for herself with her relatable on-screen personality and the practical advice she offers in her collection of transformational books. 

At the renowned bookstore, fans met the friendly author in person, had their books signed, and engaged with Avni through one-on-one conversations. Already an established entrepreneur and talented writer prior to her appearances on the third season of Family Karma, Parekh’s book signing at Barnes & Noble proved to be a memorable experience and is a great example of the convergence of reality TV and popular literary figureheads.

The dynamic author and artist’s next tour stops, before the new year, include a panel discussion at Bar One Miami Beach, followed by an art gallery exhibition at Daer Nightclub in the prestigious Hard Rock Hotel for A.G.E. Art Curation during Art Basel, where Avni will undoubtedly captivate audiences with her book art and unique approach to self-help, which includes an athleisure clothing line.

Furthermore, Avni’s “Don’t Give In” art and book tour will continue throughout 2024. While specific dates and locations have yet to be announced, fans and readers can look forward to upcoming stops at notable venues as Avni Parekh spreads her empowering message of being the bigger person and not giving in to life’s hardships to audiences across South Florida. 

Stay tuned for updates on future tour dates and locations. Avni’s books Be The Bigger Person and Don’t Give In are available for purchase online through Barnes & Noble or Amazon.

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