5 Things to Know About The Boys Season 4 on Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime renewed The Boys for a fourth season in September 2021, much to the anticipation of fans. Following the intense cliffhanger of Homelander’s son, Ryan, killing his mother Becca in the third season, expectations are high for the upcoming season, which is anticipated to be even more intense and action-packed. While Amazon Prime has not officially announced the release date for season four, it is expected to premiere in the latter half of 2022, taking a bit longer due to pandemic-related delays.

A spin-off show set in the same universe called “Gen V” has been announced, focusing on the first-ever generation of superheroes and delving deeper into their origins. However, this spin-off show is expected to launch in 2024, possibly after the fourth season of The Boys concludes.

Creator Eric Kripke has teased a potential crossover between the current and past seasons, hinting at the return of some characters from previous seasons, which has generated considerable fan speculation. It remains to be seen which characters might make a comeback, with speculation about Karl Urban’s Billy Butcher potentially returning.

The introduction of Victoria Neuman in the third season, played by Claudia Doumit, is expected to continue in the fourth season as her character faces repercussions for her actions, including the explosive demise of heads of state.

The character of Billy Butcher, portrayed by Karl Urban, is central to the show. In the third season, Butcher’s storyline took surprising turns with the revelation that his wife, presumed dead, is alive and raising Homelander’s son. His character is expected to further evolve in the fourth season as he grapples with conflicting emotions toward his wife and son.

In conclusion, The Boys season four promises to be another thrilling adventure for fans, with the spin-off show, possible crossovers, and the continuation of key storylines like Victoria Neuman and Billy Butcher. Although the release date is unknown at present, fans can look forward to what’s in store when it arrives. Stay updated with Famous Times for the latest news and updates on The Boys and other popular shows, covering celebrity gossip, breaking news, and exclusive interviews. Don’t miss out on the latest scoop; sign up for Famous Times to stay informed.

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